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Ukraina Kultuurikeskus jätkab vahendite kogumist Ukraina kannatanute abistamiseks kolme vabaühenduse ühiskampaania "Ukraina heaks!" raames aadressil www.ukrainaheaks.ee.
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The riots in Ukraine that began in November 2013 were the nation's response to the corrupt management by the President of Ukraine Viktor Janukovich and the rest of
the goverment. Hundreds were killed and over a thousand people injured during the riots.


Your donations support the victims of the Euromaidan and their families, offering both financial and psychological support, and other necessary assistance.Read more

Among the victims there are people with serious physical injuries (lost limbs, eyes, etc.) as well as many who are psychologically traumatized. 
While all of the injured are now receiving the necessary first aid, they also need long-term attention and treatment (including prostheses, long-term psychological assistance, etc.). Many of these people also live on either low or middle incomes, and they are from smaller towns and villages in Ukraine, where treatment and rehabilitation resources, including medical and psychological care, are very complicated. 
A large proportion of the victims are between the ages of 18-40.
Among those who need help are long-term protesters who witnessed brutal violence and the death of their comrades, and lived for an extended period under extreme tension. Some of them lost their jobs during this period, their documents were destroyed etc.


Collecting the donations is organized by the Ukrainian Cultural Centre in Estonia (www.ukk.ee) in cooperation with Congress of Ukrainians in Estonia and the Ukrainian Greek­-Catholic Church.Read more

We work closely with Ukrainian charitable organizations: Ukrainian Coordination Center for International Aid (Wounded), the Peace Fund of Ukraine and Caritas Ukraine, who focused on quick treatment and support during the crisis. We also work closely with the victims themselves, and the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Donations can be transferred to MTÜ UKRAINA KULTUURIKESKUS using the following bank account details:
Swedbank EE882200221059173026
SEB EE401010220229090221
Nordea EE061700017003509135
explanation: "Kannatanute abistamiseks Ukrainas"
In addition, donations can be delivered in cash to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, located at Laboratooriumi 22, Tallinn.


Many thanks to all the donators! By the 1st of September 2014 11 176,22 € were collectedRead more

From this:
1) 1600 € were given to those who were injured. Here is the list of people, who came to Estonia to get medical treatment and were supported from this money: Aleksei R., Deniss S., Andrij G., Mirtja D., Uljana O., Irina G., Sergei R., Andrij G., Denis S., Aleksii R., Irina G., Sergei R., Andrei S., Boris B., Anton B.
2) To the families of the deceased the total of 7107 € were given. The money was delivered by The Oboroni Prikarpattya Charity Fund.
3) 1100 € were given to Volodymyr K. for the operation needed after a leg amputation.
4) 1369,22 € remains on the savings account of Support Ukraine.

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